Get Right! Green Juice

Use organic ingredients as much as possible

A handful of supreme greens – Watercress, Spinach or Kale. 

Handful of Parsley 

2 celery stalks

1 peeled lime

1 green apple

1 half of a cucumber

1 tbsp of raw chia seeds

1 tsp of spirulina or chlorella (superfood protein)

Organic, raw coconut water as desired for consistency

You can substitute the green apple for another fruit that you love such as: mango, pineapple etc to sweeten a LITTLE.

Your green juice recipe should taste like veggies with a little bit of fruit, NOT fruit with a little bit of veggies.

Some juicing benefits include balanced alkaline PH,  increased energy level for sure. 

Aids digestion and strengthens the immune system.

That’s it. Enjoy drinking your supreme greens!

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